QUINUA the magic grain (I) The Legacy of the Incas

As much of our post that we spread the properties of our grain of gold, this time I do get the first part of an article by renowned chef Alberto Fortes published in a Spanish gastronomic magazine ….

quinua peruana


In the archipelago we enjoyed some of the most delicious and respectable jewels: ancient Canarian potatoes. But the Canaries are not “usurpers” and we know that these are not native to our land; They were not born spontaneously in our mountains, but we came as huge and wonderful gift from the high Andean lands of the New World.
The islanders know perfectly that the tubers, the crown of our cuisine, we reached the current Peru, and we appreciate it because it is well born to be grateful. In this land that we are well worn.
Worse today I will write about the Pope – other day Hare, because I intend to detail, in this first shot, a wonderful and magical Andean product, organic quinoa from Peru, (in Germany where I live they call it “rice of the Incas “)
Quinoa (or quinoa) is a seed, but only the power consumed as a cereal and actually features is considered a pseudocereal. It may provides part of their calories from complex carbohydrates, but also brings about 6 gr. of protein per 100 grams. and it offers around 6 grams of fat in the same amount of food.
It is the fruit of a plant I would say magical, spectacular. plus nearly its 3,000 varieties, has unique nutritional qualities, and in 1996 the FAO called it “promising crop of humanity” and as “an alternative to the major problems of human nutrition.”
It has immense potential in the future of food and healthy nutrition, and also unlimited dining options and culinary. This is discussed in the book “QUINUA five continents” (can be downloaded for free internet, Spanish and English; http://sierraexportadora.gob.pe/ quinoa recipe-to five-continents /).
It is a magnificent gourmet cookbook that I am proud to be co-authored and which was presented last July 2 in the “Big Apple” New York. The event was organized by the government of Peru and attended as guest of honor next to the cooks / as Diego Guerrero (Madrid), Javier Flores (Miami), and Irina Concepción (Lima).
Quinoa is already ceasing to be unknown and indeed is moving increasingly in the tables and in world markets. Food was once considered poor and now is an economic engine for farmers in the Andes, it is “catching on” in Europe, USA, and the rest of the world that hopefully does not involve commercial speculation.

Source: Magazine open table Spain.


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